W1ET—Dartmouth Amateur Radio


The Dartmouth Amateur Radio Association provides the Dartmouth College community with the opportunity to participate in the grand hobby of amateur radio.  The club was founded in 1922 and has a rich history.

After being quiet for a few years, W1ET is resuming operation in Summer 2012.  Weather (terrestrial and space) permitting, you can find us running a portable station once a week in the late afternoon or early evening.

Many kinds of activities are encompassed by the term amateur radio.  A few of these are:

  1. Designing and building radios and antennas

  2. Experimenting with modulation, antennas, and propagation, including satellite and earth-moon-earth

  3. Communicating with amateur operators in other countries or even in space (aboard the International Space Station)

  4. Pursuing awards and contests

  5. Serving the public through emergency communications.

Whether you are already licensed, interested in obtaining or upgrading your license, or just curious, we welcome you to check out our club.