Faculty Patents

Engineering research and project work often lead to patentable results. The display pictured below is on the second floor of Cummings Hall at Thayer School. It showcases 134 patents for original work conducted by Dartmouth engineering faculty (70%), students (15%), and faculty–student teams (15%).

Patent Wall

Below is a list of selected patents held by Dartmouth engineering faculty for which they are either inventor or co-inventor. Links are to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office patent database.

Ian Baker

Alvin O. Converse

Benoit Cushman-Roisin

George Cybenko

Scott C. Davis

Robert C. Dean Jr.

Solomon G. Diamond

Eric R. Fossum

Elsa Garmire

Tillman U. Gerngross

Robert J. Graves

Richard M. Greenwald

Karl Griswold

Ryan Halter

Eric W. Hansen

Joseph J. Helble

Songbai Ji

Shudong Jiang

Frederic Leblond

Weiyang (Fiona) Li

Jifeng Liu

Paul M. Meaney

Kofi M. Odame

Victor F. Petrenko

Professor Petrenko has 25 US patents and over 40 foreign patents including:

Christopher M. Polashenski

Laura Ray

David W. Roberts

Erland M. Schulson

Charles R. Sullivan

Professor Sullivan has over 30 patents including:

B. Stuart Trembly

Douglas W. Van Citters