Lecturers take on a variety of teaching responsibilities but do not hold formal faculty appointments.

Daniel Cullen

Project Lab, Materials Lab, Fluids Lab Manager

Materials science; mechanical testing and data acquisition; scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and optical microscopy; energy-dispersive spectroscopy; x-ray topography and diffraction; ice structure and chemistry

Jason Dahlstrom

Owner, Web Sensing LLC

Embedded systems; heterogeneous parallel computing; adaptive hardware systems; high-level synthesis techniques

Kendall Hoyt

Assistant Professor of Medicine, The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Biodefense policy; biopharmaceutical industry; vaccine innovation; research and development strategy

Mark Laser

Research Scientist, Thayer School
Senior Lecturer

Biomass conversion; sustainable energy and development; process design and evaluation; integrated food and energy systems; life cycle assessment

Steven Peterson

Independent Consultant
Senior Lecturer

System dynamics; patient flow modeling; biofuels; business process modeling; sustainability

Amanda Plagge

Visiting Researcher

Satellite remote sensing of fluid energy resources (wind, currents, waves); impacts of air-sea interaction and atmospheric stability on offshore wind turbines; enhanced validation methods for remote sensing of cryospheric and oceanic physical properties including firn structure, snow accumulation, and sea surface height

Markus Testorf


Applied optics; inverse scattering; optical design problems

Jack Wilson

Senior Lecturer, Studio Art
Lecturer, Thayer School

Pier Luigi Nervi; long span structures; pre-cast and reinforced concrete; high performance buildings; integrated design