ENGS 21:  Project Support Services

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The Couch Project Design Lab, Room M009/014 off the Atrium, has been assigned as the project space for this course. The Lab is usually staffed by a TA when it is open. Please use the lab safely and respectfully of other users. You will need to return a signed agreement to use the lab after hours.


The Thayer School staff listed below are available to give advice and assistance (within reason). You may save a lot of time and effort by making use of their knowledge. Their offices are all in the Thayer School of Engineering facility (Cummings and MacLean Halls)


Kevin Baron, Chip Brettell, Jason Downs and Pete Fontaine: Technical instructors and consultants supporting the Machine and Model-Making Shops (Room C26). They lead the weekly skill development sessions and will be helpful in suggesting the best procedures in metal and woodworking, fabricating with plastics, setting-up and operating machine shop equipment, cost estimating, etc. To save time and paperwork, it is usually better to obtain materials through the machine shop rather than elsewhere on campus or commercially. Normal Machine Shop hours are M-F, 8 am - 4:30 pm.


IMPORTANT: You will need to take a safety course and attend the safety lecture at Thayer School to use the machine shop!


Staff Person Role Thayer Office Expertise
Mary Kay Brown Engineering Laboratory Instructor

C120, 124

Will assist with problems involving chemical and biotech applications
Daniel Cullen Engineering Laboratory Instructor


Back of Project Lab

Will assist with materials issues and selection, testing and data acquisition
Doug Fraser Engineering Laboratory Instructor


Will assist with problems in digital electronics, microprocessors and computers
Terry Priestley Engineering Laboratory Instructor


Will assist with problems in systems, controls, and analog electronics
Rene Dauphinais

Roger Dauphinais

Daniel Marchand

Mike West

Electronics Technicians


Instrument Room

Many pieces of standard equipment, supplies and tools can be borrowed from them. They also can suggest where an item is most likely to be available if it is necessary to purchase it commercially
Chris Levey Professor & Safety Officer


Will advise on safety of project experiments and tests, materials needs, micro-sensors, the engineering equipment database and contents, and equipment acquisitions to support projects
Gary Durkee Building Manager


Familiar with electric/electronic equipment and supplies. He will suggest which electronic test equipment is appropriate for your application
Kimberly Cooper Administrative Assistant to Prof. Lotko


She can answer questions and provide copies of materials from class. Kim also organizes and monitors the team mailboxes in Rm 217 Cummings.
Ken Clifford Copy and Mailing Services C14 Will assist in the copy room with report copying and binding
Larissa Pyer Administrative Assistant


Check with her to reserve a room for team meetings
Terry Bonee Development Office


Will help to put you in contact with alumni or companies who can make donations of materials toward your project.





Each team may spend up to a total of $500 on purchases of supplies and any travel that is essential for the success of the project. You will be reimbursed for mileage at the current IRS reimbursement rate. All purchases exceeding $100 must be approved by Professor Lotko.


To avoid confusion, it is imperative that the following procedure be followed for all purchases. Depending upon the cost of the materials and expected source of supply, one of the following procedures will apply:


1. Procurement Credit Card A Dartmouth College credit card is available from the Business Office, Room 111 Cummings. Please do not take the credit card until you are ready to place the order. When you receive the credit card your student ID will be held in the Business Office until the credit card is returned. You will be given a form to record your purchase; it must be returned with the card. The individual cardholder is responsible for the card until it is returned. As the responsible person, you are the only one who can make purchases with the card. The original receipt / order confirmation must be attached to the purchase form. THIS IS THE ONLY RECORD OF THE TRANSACTION SO THE RECEIPT MUST BE RETURNED TO THE BUSINESS OFFICE.  The credit card may not be used for travel.
2. Reimbursement If you personally pay for small items for your project, you may bring ORIGINAL receipts to the Business Office, Room 111 Cummings, for reimbursement. You will be given a one-page form to complete if the cost of goods is over $25.
3. Purchase Order

If the vendor does not accept a credit card, you may be able to use a Purchase Order. This allows you to charge materials to Dartmouth College. Most companies accept purchase orders as standard purchasing procedure. To use this method you must:

  1. Complete a Purchase Requistion. This form may be downloaded at:

  2. Once the Purchase Requisition form is completed, have your faculty advisor sign it.

  3. Return the form to the Business Office. Your order will be placed by Dartmouth Purchasing normally within one business day.

4. C.O.D. Orders

C.O.D. Orders cannot be accepted. If an order arrives C.O.D. it will be rejected and returned to the vendor, unless the individual who placed the order agrees to pay for it personally.

5. Address for US mail & express delivery

(YOUR NAME) - very important!

c/o ENGS 21 – Group #

Thayer School of Engineering

Dartmouth College

14 Engineering Drive

Hanover, NH 03755-8000


The Thayer Business Office works with the Dartmouth College Purchasing Department and must follow approved procedures. Your compliance with these procedures is essential. If you have any questions, please contact Lori or Debra in Room 111 Cummings.



Mr. Ken Clifford in the copy room (Room 14 Cummings) can assist with photocopying of project reports.



Telephones are available for student use throughout Cummings and MacLean Halls. You can schedule the small conference rooms (Rooms 208 Cummings, M01 and M101 in MacLean) for conference calls. Contact Ms. Jessica Potter in Room M103 (Program Office) to reserve the room.


For campus calls

Dial the 6 + the 4-digit college extension

For medical school calls

Dial 8 + the 7-digit number

For local calls

Dial 8 + the 7-digit number

For calls to N.H

Dial 8 + 1 + the 7-digit number

For other calls

Dial 8 + 1 + area code + the 7-digit number

For emergency

Dial 911 (no prefix)



Mailboxes for each group have been set up in Room 217A Cummings. U.S. Mail, Campus Mail, notes from your student advisor, critiques of your reports, notices about scheduling changes etc. will be placed here. Someone from your group should be assigned to check your group mailbox box periodically.


Students with disabilities, including invisible disabilities like chronic diseases, learning disabilities, and psychiatric disabilities, are encouraged to discuss with the course director after class or during office hours appropriate accommodations that might be helpful to them.


The Academic Skills Center retains information on how professors can help students with certain disabilities and keeps documentation on file of students with disabilities. If you have a disability that you think will impede your performance in this class, the Student Disabilities Coordinator, Carl Thum, phone extension 6-2014, can help you assess the need for appropriate accommodations.